Thursday, September 11, 2014

There are still ways on how you can sponsor the mission.

Dear Team,

Ever since we offered the Iqbal book project, we are receiving requests from many volunteers that they want to sponsor this project to contribute their share in the mission Takmeel e Pakistan. But as we have mentioned earlier also, this project has already been taken by a volunteer. May Allah give infinite barakah to all those who contributed or wished to contribute.

But, there are still ways on how you can sponsor the mission. Since we do not take donations, you can buy our books already available and send them to people who matter in opinion making, policy creation, education and who are public leaders. Everyone can contribute here freely.

We have just dispatched 50 Khilafat e Rashida books to major libraries and universities of the country on behalf of a volunteer who bought the books and sponsored the project, MashAllah !! This way you spread the message and contribute to our mission also, as sale proceeds from these books sustain our mission too in these times when we are being choked from all sides by the Kufr.

We DO NOT collect or take donations nor accept charity.

Right now we have 3 books for sale and distribution:

1. From Indus to Oxus. English. Rs: 25,00/= ($25)
2. From Indus to Oxus Urdu. Rs: 3000/= ($30)
3. Khilafat e Rashida Urdu. Rs: 1000/= ($10)

It is your choice now. You can distribute these books or wait for the next project of Halqa e Yaran due in couple of months. Iqbal Pur Israr has already been taken and should be out within weeks now inshAllah. we are giving it final proof reading now.

This is a mission of the Ummah & you all have the right & responsibility to contribute in whatever way you can. This is one way you can do it.

with love and dua to all of you, Jazak Allah


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