Friday, September 5, 2014

These political rascals have united only for self preservation

As expected, the circus in the parliament has become a mud slinging, venom spitting session towards each other as PPP & PMLN bite each other. These political rascals have united only for self preservation as their system of corruption is crumbling but cant hide hatred for each other. They sinisterly complain that parliament has been attacked but themselves fiercely attack army & ISI & support Geo's war against the State.

While the poor protesters are braving the weather outside, we have to wait for the parliaments final resolutions to know the fate of govt. Army has sent their message loud & clear which has sent panic in the morons in Parliament. Supreme Court is also cautious. So, now wait!
It is a nerve shattering game. You can see the pressure & panic on the faces of parliamentarians. Something is going to snap early next week. Those who say army is not doing anything should stop following politics. It was harsh warning from army that started this parliament session.

Dharna is doing its job. Pressure is mounting exponentially on NS as entire Secretariat remain blocked, govt suspended & being humiliated!

I would ask PTI/PAT to change their flags to Pakistan flags only. NO party flags! They are speaking for Pakistan & must become Pakistan! PTI/PAT have built this pressure against very difficult odds. Now they too need to come out of party politics & represent Pakistan only!

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