Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tweets on 9/11


9/11 and WoT

Today is also 9/11 day, the day of infamy when Neo-Cons launched their global war to dismember Muslim world in "WoT"! Neo-con American Enterprise Institute's document, "Project for New American Century" created its "Pearl Harbor" on 9/11 in a false flag op!
While the so called "planes" had only hit 2 WTC buildings, the 3rd building WTC7 was also mysteriously brought down??
The new global war was launched on 9/11. Condoleezza Rice called it birth pangs of a new Middle East ! Since then, 3 million Muslims have died / become refugees.

Poor Robin Cook, died for telling the truth that there is NO alqaeda, just a fake database created by the CIA! The myth of "Al-Qaeda", ISIS, Shabab, TTP is the greatest strategic deception created to justify invasion of ME!

WoT = Defense of Israel, denuking Muslim world, Control of Fuel assets & global waterways, destroying Pol Islam, containment of Russia/China.

Since 9/11, Arab Muslim world has been effectively over run by the Zionists! Now Turkey, Iran & Pakistan remain next targets of 4thGW! A time of extreme calamity & crisis for the Muslim world in ME, never seen since invasion of Halaku Khan 1000 years ago! Arab world decimated. What is even more alarming is that there is NO ME policy of the Muslim world! Arabs are in tatters, Turks, Iranians follow their own policy. Pakistan is the strongest Muslim nation with the most weakest political leadership, abandoning the Muslim world to the dogs literally!

How we miss Jinnah today!

How we miss Quaid e Azam today, a true Pan-Islamic leader. Even before 1947, he fought for Palestine & worked to create a Muslim block! These times of staggering crisis in the lives of civilizations are the rare opportunities for the greatest leaders to rise & shine! We wait.
Creation of Pakistan is a historic sign that era of Muslim renaissance has begun after 3 centuries of decadence & fall as a civilization. Creation of Pakistan, by dividing a sub-continent, was considered a political impossibility but Iqbal & Jinnah performed this miracle! Creation of Pakistan was the first organized Muslim victorious response after suffering setbacks for the last 250 years! Stunning indeed!

Muslims had lost battle of Plassey in Bengal in 1757 to the British ! It took 190 years of blood & sweat to fight back to create Pakistan. Creation of Pakistan, at the hands of two stunning personalities - Jinnah & Iqbal - was the most decisive defeat of the British & Hindus! Now you would know the stature of Jinnah & why he is called Quaid e Azam, the great leader! He led the Muslim counter attack after 250 years.

Pakistan need a fresh start today -- a full Ctrl-Alt-Del of the Colonial system & installing of Khilafat e Rashida model! Need a Quaid badly.

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