Tuesday, October 14, 2014

To all new comers on our official page or those who still do not understand our ideology. Please note

To all new comers on this page or those who still do not understand our ideology.

Pakistan is facing a brutal religious war which is also sectarian in nature. Religious groups are using Islam as an argument to wage their dirty sectarian wars. When we expose the enemy tactics, we also destroy their arguments and propaganda and expose their sources, links, ideology and sect. This is part of our duty that we do without fear or favor.

If a sectarian gang kills Muslims and calls itself Shia militants, then we will call them Shia terrorists.

If a Barelvi group becomes violent, we will call them Barelvi terrorists.

If a Salafi gang become violent, we will expose them as Salafi terrorist gang.

If a Deobandi gang wages a war againnst Pakistan, we WILL call it Deobandi terrorists.

This is NOT spreading sectarianism. This is destroying the sectarian war of the terrorists !!

In Pakistan, the fact is the militant groups only listen to the scholars from their own sect !! Shias will only follow Shias, Barelvis will only follow Barelvis, Salafis will only follow salafis and Deobandis will only follow Deobandis.

So, if a Deobandi terrorist is waging a war against the State and the Muslims and the other Deobandis are silent about it, then all Deobandi scholars are guilty of crime.

If a Shia terrorist is NOT condemned by the Shias, then all Shia scholars would be guilty.

In Pakistan, the sectarian scholars stay silent when the terrorist is from their sect !! This we can NEVER do.

When we expose the terrorists, we will also expose their sect to force the scholars of their sect to come out and speak against them.

This is an old tactic of the terrorists that whenever you speak about their sect, they start shouting that we are spreading sectarianism. We know this old tactic and are not impressed.

If TTP, Lej, HCKD, Lal masjid are Deobandi terrorists, we will say it openly.

If SM is a Shia terrorist organization, we will say it openly.

If you don't like us to mention Deibandi or Shia terrorists, then tell them to stop terrorism, otherwise, we will rip them apart without mercy. Know this well.

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