Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tweets: While the insane Pak politicians are having swine fights, Indians are moving close to LoC border


While the insane Pak politicians are having swine fights, Indians are moving heavy artillery & Tanks closer to border & attacking across LoC. The battles across the LoC are no more clashes between border guards only. Both Armies are ferociously attacking each other with heavy guns.

Pak army is cautious as there are Muslim villages on the other side of LoC in Kashmir. Indians are ruthlessly targeting civilians in Pak. Months back, we at BrassTacks had predicted that October would be the month for Indians to start their military attacks on Pakistan! Spot on.

How could we know the exact date of Indian attack on Pak months before??? This is called Threat Analysis, our professional duty to warn you. Why October?? We knew Pak's political chaos would be at peak, Modi would be well settled & General Tariq Khan would retire. Indians feared him most.

This threat from Modi was precisely the reason why I was resisting the elections & demanded a techno govt. Now political chaos is sinking us. General Tariq Khan retired on October 1st. Indians launched their attacks on October 2nd!! He was the Pak Army tiger Hindus were afraid of.

General Tariq Khan has retired but he has created many more tigers like him. Indians would be insane fools to assume that they will get a walkover.

Indian Hindus have a compulsive disorder. I am their archest enemy, they hate my existence but suffer from terrible inferiority complex too. While the entire Indian Hindu establishment & their cow piss drinking armies pretend that I am a "joke", they take my words as from Bhagwan!

Pakistan's tactical short range battlefield nuke tipped Ghaznavi missiles are fully deployed, armed & locked. Modi should wake up from his dream. Indian Hindus should remember that Pak missiles are named - Ghauri, Ghaznavi, Abdali - the names remind Hindus of humiliation, shame, defeat.

We had warned the nation 6 months before Modi came to power that Hindu Zionists will bring him with a plan for a total war with Pakistan!

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