Sunday, October 5, 2014

You dont have an excuse now !

Dear Members,

have to do some heart to heart talk with you all. I am sad. Very sad...

I see a severe punishment coming towards this nation -- azaab of Allah (swt) is upon us but this nation refuses to do tauba, refuses to listen to sincere advice, continues to follow idiots who pass as leaders and continue to follow the path of Kufr -- while the enemies are encircling us from all sides ! Astaghfurullah !!

Watch the talk shows, hear the speeches of so called leaders, read the comments of youth on social media -- total confusion, chaos, arrogance, filth, corruption to the core.

It is for this reason that I have stopped coming on TV nowadays. NO One is listening.... and now I fear for a bloody punishment.

Thats why we are focusing on spreading the wisdom of Iqbal Baba, so that these blind leaders and their even more blind followers should get some wisdom at least. NO ONE has read Iqbal Baba and still pretend to be wiser than him, Innalillahe...

I have NEVER seen so much jahalat in any nation before... This is scary !!

If the situation remains as it is, then be ready. We have asked for Azaab. DO NOT blame anyone else. We are all responsible.

We have worked all our life and have produced this book on Baba Iqbal for FREE on the day it is written/ WHY ??? For money ?? for fame ?? for status ??

Astaghfurullah, cant you see that we are afraid that the whole nation is heading on a destructive path and NO ONE is guiding it to the wisdom of Baba Iqbal. Thats why, we are in such a hurry to get his message across to you and to the nation. DO NOT insult this khair !!

For God sake, read the book, spread it, share it and force your leaders to follow what baba has said. DO NOT try to be smarter and wiser than Baba Iqbal. Pl DO NOT do this insanity. Listen to him and stop your own arguments.

We HAVE to HAVE an ideology before we build revolutions. The change will NOT come through Dharnas alone but through movement with a vision !!!

DO NOT argue with me until you have read the book. DO NOT be ignorant to what Baba has said. You have NOT read him. You do NOT know him. This is going to be your first ever intro of that faqeer. stop asking quesitons of jahalat like Bani Israel. Follow what Baba has said or be ready for total punishment. You have NO excuse now. NO excuse at all.

There is great khair for Pakistan. I am NOT worried about Pak Sarzameen. But I am afraid for the nation, for you who refuse to listen.

Oh Allah, be witness that I warned them... Now they are in your hands ! .

HasbunAllah Naimal Wakeel, Naimal Maula wa Naimal Wakeel !

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