Monday, December 1, 2014

A person without a Murshid is dangerous to lead, a disaster to follow

A person who does not have a Murshid is dangerous to lead, a disaster to follow. A Murshid is one who keeps a check on your spiritual, ideological & intellectual health. Even Quaid e Azam was lost and confused drifting from Congress to nationalist politics to even leaving India all together. Then he found a Murshid -- Baba Iqbal !

In 20's, 30's, Baba Iqbal never participated in any dharna, protests, road blocks because the emotionally charged crowds could create serious crisis for the government but did not have the power to remove the government nor form their own. Because the nation did NOT have an ideology nor a leader.

The greatest Ihsaan of Allama Iqbal is that he created a nation out of a crowd and created a leader out of a confused Jinnah ! Understand this law of nature clearly..

I support the demands of PTI for recounting, resignation etc. BUT Imran is NOT Quaid e Azam and he is NOT following a Murshid, NOT even Allama Iqbal, not any present one. PTI dharnas can create crisis for the government but even if NS resigns, IK CANNOT become PM. There would be caretaker govt, accountability, reforms and then re-elections and then maybe, PTI wins some more seats... BUT these are NOT the solutions to the war we are facing today...

Once a nation is created, a leader is agreed, an ideology is defined, then the movements, dharnas, protests and agitations can bring the results you want. Else, your movement will be hijacked by other forces in the end.. !

PTI supporters can get as emotional as they want BUT they should know the steps involved in making a new government and the steps needed to revive a failing state. IK does NOT have the power nor the vision to do that.

There is only ONE solution -- we ask army to bring a patriotic techni government which should do all the reforms, accountability,system change and then hold next elections under Khilafat e Rashida model.

You can shout, dance, scream, burn as much as you want. Someone else would hijack your effort in the end... why ? because you have no ideology, no Quaid like leader, no nation at the moment. Try it. you will find out soon.

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