Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16th, the day in 1971 when India & traitors within collaborated to break Pakistan.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
December 16, 2014
Today is December 16th, the day in 1971 when India & traitors within collaborated to break Pakistan. We have neither forgotten nor forgiven!

Since 1971, Pakistan rose to become a nuclear power, standing tall and dignified & now it is payback time to India for its war crimes!
One lesson that we Pakistanis have learnt from this setback-- Never trust Hindu Zionists & never forgive traitors within! Never again!!
India claims a victory through betrayal NOT courage. It was a KGB/RAW black op,nothing dignified. KGB agent spills it.http://tune.pk/video/3109333/kgb-cia-raw-behind-dhaka-fall-yuri-bezmenov-ex-kgb-agent

Before and after fall of Dhaka, RAW, Indian army and Mukti Militia organized mass slaughter ceremonies of Pakistanis.

This is a rare book, removed from the libraries & archives.Tells the real untold story of Genocide by RAW in East Pakistan.https://www.scribd.com/doc/116379528/Blood-and-Tears-by-Qutubuddin-Aziz

East Pakistan. The untold story by me. My TV program explaining the entire debacle of East Pakistan.

The plan to divide East Pakistan was hatched in 1968 by RAW. It was caught & proved that Mujeeb was a RAW agent.https://syedzaidzamanhamid.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/agartala-conspiracy-never-again/

From March 1971 to December 71, Indian army infiltrated East Pakistan to act as insurgents along with Mukti militia! http://defence.pk/threads/our-soldiers-became-the-mukti-bahini-former-indian-army-chief-general-v-k-singhs-book-reveals.323152/

India planned to dismember Pakistan in 1968, started a rebellion, created armed gangs, planted Mujeeb & then started insurgency & invasion in 71.

Agartala Conspiracy was real, accepted by Mujeeb's daughter that he was an Indian agent and enemy of Pakistan. vimeo.com/55263624

How did Pak army fight in East Pakistan? Listen to the Indian army chief who led the campaign. Pak Army was gallant. vimeo.com/55461334

No army can win when betrayed from within, fighting 1000 miles away from base, without air, armor or navy & overwhelmed 1:50 by the enemy!

One war lost by Muslims through betrayal & treachery & Hindus claim they have taken revenge for 1000 years of Muslim rule! My foot! 

Dear Imran, you are totally wrong when you say that 1971 elections were free & fair! This is blasphemy. Those were hijacked by RAW/Mukti.

Let me put facts right - total Pak Army captured in East Pak was 45K regulars. Rest were only civilians, families, police, govt servants. Just 45 thousand brave Pak army troops, 1000 miles away from base, fighting against half a million Indians & quarter million Mukti Rebels!
India has committed a war crime by instigating a bloody insurgency in East Pakistan & then sending in army to dismember it. We WILL take revenge.

Mujeeb was a known declared RAW agent & arrested in 1968 when Agartala conspiracy was exposed. It was political parties which got him freed. So a known traitor with RAW links & armed gangs at his disposal led by regular Indian army "wins" elections in East Pakistan through threat!

These two links expose the Indians propaganda myth that Pak army killed Bengalis.



Once Dhaka fell, all records were seized by Indian army & the only narrative that came out was written by RAW & Mukti - greatest lies of war. Now after 40 years, many Bengalis have come forwards to tell the truth. Sharmila Bose is an Indian Hindu Bengali. Read her book "Dead Reckoning"!

Soviet Union was a major player in dismembering Pakistan. We took revenge within a decade & dismembered Soviet Union through Afghan war!

Now we will take revenge from Hindu Zionists! Remember, Sultan Ghauri also lost first battle to Prithvi Raj but then came back to crush him.

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