Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My sect is Ishq e Rasul (sm) & Adab e Rasul (sm)

When I attack Khawarij, they ask me my sect 
My sect is Ishq e Rasul (sm) & Adab e Rasul (sm) -- the sect of our beloved Khulfa e Rashideen, Sayyadna Abu Bakr, Sayyadna Umer, Sayyadna Usman & Sayyadna Ali, Rizwan Ullah ajmaeen !
They call me a Kafir  call me anything but I do not betray the Ummat of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), I dont kill Muslims, I dont slaughter children, I fight against Kufr and Mushriks and Khawarij ! If this is Kufr, then I am Kafir of Taghoot and Dajjal, yes !!
By Allah, I will fight till we finish the fitnah of Khawarij and their allies !! Now no mercy towards these enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). NO Mercy at all !!

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