Saturday, December 27, 2014

Today, I sit extremely satisfied and vindicated

For 7 years, these liberal secular in media called me a fanatic when I warned that scourge of terrorism need military courts & hangings! Now army is doing exactly what I had always demanded - hit them in Afgh, hang them in jails, put them on trial in military courts!
Pakistan is in this war for the last 10 years. We have lost 100,000 citizens. But these analysts & politicians remained deaf, dumb, blind! All those politicians, anchors, analysts who betrayed the country for the last 10 years, remained in denial remain shameless even now! If you cannot rise in times of war to see & identify the threat & could not come with workable solutions, then you are a moron not analyst!
Now these morons do not have the moral courage to say that they were wrong & they were blinded by their arrogance & misled the nation in war. I had warned about the 4th Gen War in 2007, had explained the Af-Pak war to destabilize Pakistan, Indian Cold Start to balakanize Pakistan!
In 2007, had detailed the role of hostile media in propaganda war, role of economic hit-men to crush the economy & role of Mullahs in war! In 2007, had detailed the role of dangerous religious ideologies to create Takfiri Kharjee gangs, exposed TTP as Kharjees & exposed RAW link.
A full lobby of Indian backed Journos was launched to silence or debunk my analysis which was exposing the entire CIA/RAW game plan against Pak. Geo launched a most vicious defamation & slander campaign against me. SAFMA, led by that snake Imtiaz Alam filed 6 cases in every city! Geo, Hamid Mir, Tahir Ashrafi, that terrorist Mullah allied to TTP, tried to get me killed by accusing me of apostasy & rebellion in army!
It was a most brutal multi-prong attack I had to bear alone from most powerful terrorists, media houses & political lobbies! Held my line! Media was denied to me by the champions of "freedom of expression" . My voice was silenced but we had social media platforms to fight back. Finally, Geo did the blunder themselves in their arrogance when they attacked the DG ISI directly & then were nailed by the ISI for good 
Later, the terrorists made their blunders and provoked the army into taking most severe action against them & now being crushed by army!
Today, I sit extremely satisfied, vindicated, watching my analysis being accepted as national security doctrine against religious insurgents. TTP Khawarij are being killed, hunted & are on the run. Geo is humiliated, breaking down & will be shut soon, IA. SAFMA to follow soon IA.

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