Friday, January 23, 2015

Allama Usmani WAS NOT a Deobandi.

One more point. Allama Usmani WAS NOT a Deobandi.
Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani had LEFT deoband & joined Quaid e Azam and he was NOT a deobandi after that.
Quaid e Azam was in Congress for 16 years but when he left Congress and joined Muslim league, no one called him a Congressi. Same for Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani. Deoband waged a war against him for supporting Quaid e Azam but today they claim that he was one of them :)) total lies...
Allama Shabbir was a pious man and he saw a dream of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) with Quaid e Azam and Rasul Allah (sm) ordered Allama Shabbir to support Quaid. At this he immediately resigned from deoband. Pl know the history and dont fall for the lies..

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