Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There can be only two reasons of silence of Deoband scholars on crimes of Khawarij

There can only be two reasons why these scholars are silent over the war crimes of Khawarij, despite the fact that Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has graded Khawarij as worse than Mushriks, Kuffar and Munafiqeen, calling them dogs of hell !! Such harsh words are not used for any other Kafirs... The reasons can be
1. Either these scholars are part of Khawarij.
2. Or they are afraid because many scholars have been killed once good Ulama gave fatwas against them.
In either case, an alim who is part of Khawarij or who is afraid is not worth his existence. Ulama e Haq are NEVER afraid, never compromise, never surrender..
When I ask them to call TTP as Khawarij, they call me a Kafir, Qadiani, Shia, Barelvi, agent... using most filthy language which their teachers have taught them smile emoticon . I am NOT bothered smile emoticon . Either they will declare TTP as Khawarij or I will wage a war against them.. No Mercy now...

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