Saturday, May 2, 2015

Despite open rebellion by MQM, Mr. Nawaz Shareef is still silent !!

From extortion to target assassinations to attacks on schools to burning of factories to attacking armed forces, Police and political rivals, sectarian wars and calling RAW for help -- this is MQM !!
Haider abbas rizvi has been asked not to leave the city as he is wanted in school attack case. Rach leader of MQM is a killer, rascal and a traitor!
Despite open rebellion by MQM, Mr. Nawaz Shareef is still silent !! There is no doubt that this democracy is the worst curse on this millat !
Pak army is now relentless and serious. InshAllah, soon Pakistan will be cleared of all filth -- from TTP to BLA to MQM to ANP to Geo to Zardari to NS to corrupt judges !!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tweets on Karachi - Altaf openly seeks help from RAW to destroy Pakistan

Altaf openly seeks help from RAW to destroy Pakistan !!
I am glad that Altaf the RAW toad have gone insanely ballistic against the army. TTP had more followers than MQM. They were crushed too!!
Mr. Nawaz Shareef, why are you silent over this direct declaration of war against Pakistan by a rat from London?? Are you deaf, dumb & mute? If Pakistani PM cannot ask the British govt to control their citizen from waging a rebellion in Pakistan, then Mr. NS should also stay in UK.
All those channels which aired this filth from Altaf MUST also be held accountable and shut down. Enemy agent MUST NOT be given platforms. Pakistan has lost 100,000 dead or wounded in this deployed 5thGenWar. We can sacrifice few thousand more to recover our beloved Sarzameen. NOT every MQM voter is a traitor. But Altaf & Rabta Committee & their Mafias surely are. This cancer needs radical surgery. Pak Army, DO IT!
ISPR had to respond because political rascals were laughing over the declaration of war by MQM. They all want army to fail & feel threatened. Pak Army has still not touched the politicians, Media & the corrupt judiciary. Without taking out the snakes in these depts, this war is lost. We demand that all British interests in Pakistan should be seized as compensation for war being waged against Pak by a British citizen! Pak Army, do what must be done. Nation stands with you. Rascals of all shades, colors, political/religious groups & media must be crushed!!
After threats from Altaf last night, Police officers have been shot dead in Karachi in ambush. This is RAW coming to aid of MQM! MQM, TTP & BLA, Geo, SAFMA, Asma Jahangir, are the proxies of RAW in waging this urban decentralized asymmetric 5th GenWar against Pak.
Hindu Zionists must remember that Pakistan was created for a divine reason! This mission is called Ghazwa e Hind!!